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Lorraine Smillie re: Patients Article

I had the opportunity to try homeopathy several times as I grew up in India. In India homeopathy is a branch of medicine just like the allopathy or Ayurvedic medicines are. Until recently, I had used it for rather simple ailments like cough, cold allergies etc.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with an aggressive grade III breast cancer in September 2012. I went through the entire drill of cancer treatment: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, Herceptin and hormonal treatment. I am extremely thankful that the treatment through conventional medicine helped me get rid of cancer but it also left me with several side effects. The magnitude and the intensity of the side effects of the cancer treatment caught me unawares. Chemo had left symptoms such as severe nausea, vomiting and insomnia. Surgery left the operated area and its vicinity extremely painful and numb. The shooting pain that felt like electric shocks as it ran through the operated breast forced me to double up with pain. Radiation therapy left the breast burnt and made me feverish. Apart from this, there was some damage to the nerves in the breast as well as the leg. After radiation therapy, I often stayed up in the night due to pain and discomfort. The hormonal treatment had made me menopausal; hot flushes were frequent and sleeping during the night became a distant dream!


After chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy was over; I had some time to emotionally process all that I had been through. So far I had been busy with an awfully high number of the hospital appointments, trying to get through the treatment. This is where the reality hit me. I went through depression and my emotions were on a roller-coaster. I could cry at the drop of a hat.

Clearly, I was struggling both emotionally as well as physically with the cancer treatment.

This is where Lorraine and her homeopathic remedies turned out to be a God send for me. Lorraine helped me manage several side effects of the treatment. With her remedies, the nausea was controlled; the shooting pain in the breast went away, I slept better and the pain in leg due to nerve damage also reduced significantly. When I shared with her how I was struggling emotionally and psychologically, she gave me some remedies that helped me get through the grieving stage and subsequently moving on. She also advised me on other alternate therapies like acupuncture that she thought I’d benefit from. I tried them and benefited immensely. Lorraine gave me leeway to write to her anytime and ensured that I received remedies quickly. The remedies also acted fast and `homeopathy works slowly’ felt like a myth.

During the treatment, I had to take time off work because I was so knackered with chemotherapy. When I began to get impatient after staying at home for a year and wanted to resume work, she candidly reminded me that I was still not at my 100% strength. It was an important reminder at a juncture when a little impatience could have hit me back and undone some of the recovery that I had made over one year.

She continues to help me alleviate the symptoms and side effects of the treatment.

Now that I have been signed off the cancer treatment, I intend to continue with homeopathy as a prophylactic treatment. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee if cancer will come back; there is always a fear that it will recur. I know that I have no control on the recurrence of cancer but I want to do everything that is possible to keep it at bay. Homeopathy is one such endeavour for me. Looking at how Lorraine helped me get through the treatment, I will certainly continue with her remedies.