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Under Graduate Course

Allen College

3 years professional course and practical training with live cases from 1st year

We are a very well established and proficient consortium. We pride ourselves on supporting our students throughout all of the comprehensive and intensive courses we provide. We are confident that our students will be equipped with the essential skills needed to practice confidently, responsibly and professionally prior to graduation.

We are pleased to announce that students have the unique opportunity to join this course, both as an attending student or as e-learning, or a combination of both. The classroom will include students who are able to travel to the venue; we also offer a video link of the live classroom teaching.

By including this e-learning opportunity our students will have the benefit of learning in an international environment with differing cultures and lifestyles which will broaden the experience of learning.


Classical Homoeopathy

world participation

" Similia Similibus Curentur" "Let likes be treated by likes"

"...Homoeopathy considers the man as a whole, not just his individual parts...
....Homoeopathy offers a gentle way towards health of the entire individual. "
Principles and Art of Cure by Dr. H Roberts M.D

Our Aims

We aim to produce competent, confident, caring Homoeopaths who will be an asset to the profession.

We aim to provide students with a solid foundation, based on therapeutic principles, incorporated with modern concepts. This enables students to evaluate and develop their own clinical procedures.

Professional Three Year Course sujadoolbe

This consists of 10 weekends a year with 7 additional integrated learning days with international students at the Summer School and 4 Winter Seminars each year. This attendance assures the student of comparable hours with a four year course, consolidated for efficient learning. Allen College provides clinical training as an integral part of the course. From the very beginning students are exposed to the practical aspects of prescribing and participate in a clinical environment with patients in the Allen Teaching Clinic.

Home assignments are given to complement the classroom learning. Students are encouraged to reflect in a personal diary and these entries can be discussed with a personal tutor.

All students are given individual support and constructive feedback throughout the course. To enhance individual's development the research component of the course is studied jointly in a peer group and presented to other year groups.

Course One

Approximately total contact time of 186 classroom hours and 36 Clinic hours per academic year
All dates for the entire year are provided in advance, on registration, for your planning. Lectures usually commence in October and conclude in June.

The 3 year course is designed to ensure confident, competent professionals who are eligible to practice and ready to join a professional register.

This is a conventional student group with the traditional diploma awarded. Course participants are expected to achieve over 80% attendance. As the Course is recognised, successful students are eligible to join the Society of Homoeopaths register on graduation.

Fee - Course One £3050.00 per year
Monthly payment plan options are available. You can also come and sit-in for a day without any commitments.  Payment can be made by instalments; direct debits with 10% surcharge.

Course Two

Video-linked Course directly from the class room
Course 2The above course is also available as video linked learning direct from the class room, intended for international students and long distance U.K students.

Allen College employs a professional interactive streaming video link which provides excellent quality visual and audio connection. Students are able to interact with each other and the lecturer via this link. Each session is recorded and is available for a number of days after transmission, if students miss the live lecture.

The diploma will clearly state the medium that was used to participate in the Allen College Course.

Students who are successful in this course are eligible to join the professional U.K registers to practice in the U.K through an individual route of Society of Homoeopaths, which usually includes some evidence of learning test. The Video linked course is also fully recognised by the Homoeopathic Medical Association of the United Kingdom.

Fee – Course Two £2650.00 per year.
Monthly payment plan options are available. You can also come and sit-in for a day without any commitments.  Payment can be made by instalments; direct debits with 10% surcharge.

Course Three

A combination of Courses One & Two. Two years video linked leaning and the final year classroom attendance.

It is preferred if the students electing this route attend 50% of the Allen Teaching Clinic. These students are eligible to join a professional register on graduation.

Fee – Course Three £2650.00 per year for years one & two. £3050.00 for year three
Monthly payment plan options are available. You can also come and sit-in for a day without any commitments.  Payment can be made by instalments; direct debits with 10% surcharge.

Professional Practice

Dr Subrata K Banerjea teaching

Homoeopathy has a long and successful history and is a primary source of medical care for millions of people on a global scale. There are ample opportunities for qualified professional homoeopaths to practice with homoeopathy being cited as the most popular form of complementary medicine.

We aim to equip each and every one of our students with all of the skills necessary for successful professional practice. These skills include:

  • A thorough knowledge of the history and philosophy of homoeopathy
  • Knowledge of Materia Medica and Applied Therapeutics
  • Medical Science and clinical skills
  • Practitioner / client relationship management
  • Business management and marketing skills
  • Self Awareness and Development
  • To have developed the ability to synthesise knowledge
  • To value the limits, depth, scope, and power of the single homoeopathic dose.

Clinical education takes place largely in the Allen Clinic, students have the advantage of learning skills of case management, case analysis and comparative Materia Medica from Dr Subrata Banerjea and Janet Banerjea who are both present in the clinic. They are frequently accompanied by a medical doctor who teaches pathology with the patient present. Our clinics are often attended by students from other colleges for additional learning.

A Professional is:A Proffesional_Is

  • A person holding a body of knowledge which is used in a beneficent way to serve clients
  • A person who is accountable to clients and to colleagues
  • A person who has learned specialist skills in order to serve in complex situations which are informed by ethics and are often unpredictable.

Why Choose the Allen College?

  • It has well established 'Student's Clinic' which consolidates lecture material by putting theory into practice
  • Practical training beginning in the first year produces accomplished homoeopaths, each able to run their own successful practices upon graduation. A recent survey illustrated that most of our graduates are practising or intend to in the near future
  • Classical teaching with a structured curriculum and extensive lecture notesCoffee Break in the Library
  • The timetable and clinic dates for each year is published before the summer holiday each year
  • The curriculum is regularly evaluated to ensure that it meets the challenges of modern healthcare
  • This solid foundation ensures students have a clear understanding of the best methodology to use for each patient
  • The entire booklist for the whole course is provided at the beginning
  • Caring teaching team with an international reputation
  • Our team develop excellent relationships with our students
  • A well developed network of individual and regional support and guidance
  • Our in-house library has an extensive collection of essential reference books
  • We have a purpose built facility providing a well organised, comfortable learning environment with an outdoor recreational area and a kitchen
  • Part-time attendance (10 weekends per academic year) for three years with home assignments with an option of video linked learning.
  • Encouragement, motivation and support for students

Welcoming Prospective Students

College Principle College Principal

Welcome to the world of complementary medicine in general and homoeopathy in particular. Homoeopathy uses remedies from a range of natural sources to heal the whole person and as such, it is both a rational healing art and the very safest form of medicine.

Throughout my international lecturing career, I have had the privilege of observing many different homoeopathic colleges in various parts of the world, and it was through my knowledge of such establishments that I discovered a very real need for the implementation of Classical Homoeopathic teaching. By this I mean a study of the old Masters upon which the foundation of Homoeopathy rests, integrated with modern therapeutic thoughts. The principles and laws discovered by these Masters are time-tested – The Law of Similia (let likes be treated by likes) is an ideology originally conceived by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and later implemented by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy; the Law of Simplex (applying medicines in a simple and single form) and the Law of Minimum (whereby the minutest conceivable dose is given in order to avert side effects and drug dependency). These are the Laws to which Classical Homoeopaths adhere even in the 21st Century and are the basis upon which the Allen College of Homoeopathy has been founded. Our teaching provides a balanced incorporation of these classical time-tested doctrines together with current Homoeo-therapeutic practices and pays particular emphasis to the clinical and applied aspects of Homoeopathy in order that our students are equipped with knowledge to practise well.

I am a fourth generation Homoeopath and it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to bring this rich legacy of knowledge together with over 100 years of my family's clinical experience, to our students at Allen College. Homoeopathy offers a professional career and a motivation to promote nature's own law of healing. I welcome you to study this science and art of healing with us at the Allen College of Homoeopathy.

Long live Hahnemann! Long live Homoeopathy!

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea GOLD MEDALIST
B.H.M.S. (Honours in Nine Subjects of Calcutta University);
F.S.Hom., F.H.M.A.
Fellow: Society of Homoeopaths, U.K
Fellow: Homoeopathic Medical Association of the United Kingdom.
Fellow: Association of Natural Medicine, U.K
Fellow: Akademie Homoopathischer Deutscher Zentralverein, Germany.
Director: Bengal Allen Medical Institute, India.
Principal: Allen College of Homoeopathy, Essex, England

Joint Principal

I first came to Homoeopathy in 1981 and ever since this gentle method of healing has been my passion.Vice Principle
My involvement with Homoeopathic practice and teaching Homoeopathy commenced ten years later when I began my career as a Homoeopath, having completed several years of training and post graduate study. I have since realised, that a career in Homoeopathy is hugely rewarding, and indeed a privilege.

My teaching role at the Allen College concentrates primarily on Homoeopathic philosophy. I also have a particular interest in the growth and development of our students during the course and this enables me to directly oversee and facilitate many of the practitioners skills sessions.

The Allen College of Homoeopathy evaluates the education it provides on a continuous basis. Another role in this is to provide the link between the College and the current situation regarding academic and clinical requirements for professional homoeopathy. I am thereby able to make a valid contribution to the ongoing work of setting the standards for Homoeopathic education.

If the possibility of becoming a member of a profession which is forward looking, fulfilling and exciting is something you are seeking, then I welcome you.

The Allen College provides high quality education and the opportunity for personal development, with accessible fees, and as a student you will play an important part in the college, its growth and reputation. You will engage with a group of likeminded people who will support and join you in your metamorphosis from student to practitioner.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Yours in Health, Naturally,
Janet Robinson Banerjea, R.S.Hom.

Clinical Training

Student's Teaching ClinicOur college has a well established students clinic which offers an essential clinical training facility – theory learnt in the classroom is reinforced in a practical way ensuring confidence in applying theory into practice. We are orientated towards this practical method of training and give paramount emphasis on practical experiences for our students. We are proud of the quality of our clinical training and our success at developing professional practitioners. The clinics are integrated into the course and there is no additional cost for this facility.

'Clinics bring everything together. I feel so good when I suggest the correct medicine' 3rd Year student.


Clinical Training Programme:

  1. Initially students observe case-taking in the Allen Clinic
  2. Students then progress to participating in case analysis and prescribing.
  3. Eventually our students are able to be active in case-taking, prescribing and case management under the supervision of our clinical director.

Our clinics are enjoyable and inspiring. Students have a consistent exposure to live patients and will fully participate in their treatment.

We provide many opportunities for clinical discussion and clinical and comparative Materia Medica with remedy differentiation throughout the course.

Our students witness at first hand the changes that occur for patients in the college clinic which gives them immense confidence to practice. Experience has shown us that students begin their patient base and reputation in the second year of the course when they begin their own consultations with patients under constructive supervision.

Students graduate with a wide variety of supervised clinical experience; this in turn equips our students with a solid foundation of essential skills needed to become excellent homoeopaths who will be able to set up their own successful practices.

Student Support System

We provide comprehensive supervision and tutorials.College LibraryOur students support each other, they are supported by tutors and mentors and when necessary we do provide one-to-one tuition.

Our group sizes mean we can dedicate a lot of time and support to each student within the class.

Each student develops at their own pace and Allen College embraces this individuality by encouragement.

'It is so good to be in an environment when no one is ever criticized, only encouraged. The lecturer said '...if you don't understand the first or second time I will go over it until you are satisfied, that is why I am here....' 2nd Year student

Entry Requirements

At the Allen College we offer a remarkable career opportunity for those seeking to work in the health care profession.

We welcome adults of all ages. Prior learning and life experience are considered as well as formal qualifications. It is expected that applicants are good in spoken and written English.

Admission Process

Please complete the application form and return it to the Allen College, 382 Baddow Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9RA. You will then be contacted for an informal interview All prospective students are welcome to visit the college, with an appointment, were you can sample lectures and talk to our team and existing students.

What graduates are able to do:

Develop the ability to synthesise knowledge and apply appropriate methodology to cases, and to know their own What graduates are able to dolimitations.

To have the knowledge and confidence to work with other healthcare professionals.

Value the limits, depth, scope, and power of the single homoeopathic dose.

Act and prescribe professionally, safely and capably in all non-surgical cases with the sufficient level of knowledge of medical science to do so.

Have the ability to work alongside other health professionals from all disciplines. Have respect for and develop potential to earn respect from other health care professionals.

Have the ability to take/receive the case and analyse and make critical judgements about relevant aspects of the case i.e. Prognosis, Miasm, Medicine, Potency and Case management.

Hering Year (2009) Graduation PartyBe able to justify all action taken based on the Principles and Philosophy of Homoeopathy. Respect the patient's integrity, individuality, and confidentiality.

Demonstrate honesty and integrity with regard to ethics as in the handbook.

Make sufficient personal development, over the three year period. Demonstrate awareness of personal issues and inappropriate behaviours and prejudice.

Have a commitment to Continuing Professional Development, and an aspiration to excel in the profession.
We look for students who are serious and sincerely committed to Homoeopathy, have a mind that can embrace both the logic of Science and the intuitive, creative skills of the Arts. Our students must possess an aptitude to study, commitment and enthusiasm. Our students grow and develop personally and professionally and have the ability to express themselves clearly.

Assessment Process

Assessment throughout the course is continuous and divided into four sections. The board requires satisfaction that each student continually achieves the required standard in each.

Assessment Process
  1. A continuous assessment of assignments, discussion, patient relationship skills, and knowledge of homoeopathic principles demonstrated in clinics through practical application to cases and prescribing sessions.
  2. Self assessment. Each student writes a report on themselves in their personal diary at the end of each year including a retrospective overview of original objectives stated at the start of the year.
  3. Peer assessment. Group work and discussions take place, students then write a small constructive report on another which is evaluated by a tutor.
  4. Allen College is proud that our graduates are recognised in the wider homoeopathic community as 'knowing so much'.......this acquisition of knowledge is formerly tested at the end of each year.



After the successful completion of the three years study, graduates of the Allen College of Homoeopathy are entitled to use the designating letters Dip.Hom ACH. It is also desirable to fulfill the registration criteria and complete the registration process with a recognised professional organisation. We encourage students to complete this process within two years of graduation and we offer support to graduates during this time.

Continued professional development is necessary to maintain the best practice standards. The planning and implementing for this is imperative in the first year of practice.

Our programme in Classical Homoeopathy is recognised to be the best standard and our graduates are eligible to join a professional register of their choice.

The graduation of students is celebrated at the college with friends, college members, teachers and family, to honour the achievements of the students.

Graduation Graduation

professional membership

Professional MembershipThe register is a published lists of homoeopaths all working within an established code of ethics. Since the college is a recognised leader of homoeopathic education our diploma given on graduation leads to immediate registration in the U.K. Potential patients seeking a highly trained practitioner in their area often consult this register.

Membership to the Society of Homoeopaths or Homeopathic Medical Association will be offered to our graduates and students and this includes professional insurance.

Registration with a professional body after graduation is a natural progression and the costs for this are to be met by the individual.



Educational StandardsEducational Standards

The Homoeopathic and related education provided by our college is of the highest standard. Within the course both the science and art of homoeopathy are embraced. The knowledge and skills of homoeopathic practice are taught with integrity and dexterity along with humour, and compassion. The student’s exciting journey with Allen College will be one of passion with consideration for all types of learners.

In addition, through links with the Bengal Allen Medical Institute, India our college provides a unique opportunity to develop advanced clinical skills which are not commonly available to other professional homoeopaths in the U.K.

At the Allen College we are aware of the changing requirements both within the U.K and Europe. We endeavour to embrace these requirements in line with our fundamental philosophy of training outstanding, skilled health care professionals.

Other Course Opportunities

  • Tutorials in small groups to optimise learning
  • Summer school where students from the U.S.A, Canada and Europe meet together and share ideas
  • Clinical experience in Kolkata, India – A two week clinical training programme
  • Experience shared with long distance learners form different cultures and environments
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Two year Post Graduate Course 

Student's Handbook

This is provided to all students and assists with study skills and offers practical guidelines which are relevant throughout the course including essay writing, referencing methods and information on our policies.

A strength of the Allen College is the internationally respected faculty of highly skilled teachers who have a diversity and wide experience.


Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea B.H.M.S., F.S. Hom, FHMA is an internationally respected teacher and clinical Homoeopath who has regularly lectured around the whole since 1985. Dr. Banerjea graduated in Homoeopathy from the University of Calcutta and was awarded medals for his academic achievements. An author by the age of 24, Dr. Banerjea has written a number of Homoeopathic books which are acclaimed worldwide. His international reputation as an inspiring teacher and successful clinician is based on extensive experience in his very busy practice. His passion and dedication to Homoeopathy makes his lectures motivating and stimulates a thirst for knowledge in the subject.
Mrs Janet Robinson Mrs Janet Robinson - Banerjea R.S. Hom., is an experienced Homoeopath whose busy clinics have grown rapidly since her graduation in 1991. Janet has also completed advanced post-graduate study as a homoeopathic physician. Janet has taught since 1992 and is gifted in making the concepts of each subject tangible. She regularly supervises students and colleagues facilitating case analysis development.
Dr. Richard Laing Dr. Richard Laing M.B.Ch.B., M.F. Hom., has practiced as a Homoeopath for over twenty years. He runs a busy practice and lectures for the College in Homoeo-therapeutics. Dr. Laing is well respected by our students for his innovative and inspiring teaching methods.

Basic Medical Science

Dr Olfat G Ismail MD Dr Olfat G Ismail MD, MF.Hom an experienced clinician and teacher who has a natural ability to teach. Her contribution to the college is new and her enthusiasm and confidence in Homoeopathy has been fired by her experience on the post graduate course in Kolkata.

Business Skills and Allied Knowledge

Business Skills

In addition to Allen College's regular lecturers, others from the disciplines of Clinical Medicine, Business Management training including self employment and Practice Management, Business Studies including business development skills, also Patient Relationship Skills. These are all called upon from time to time to present their subjects in useful and systematic ways. Subjects are selected according to our curriculum and smooth progression is ensured.

Our team of lecturers meet regularly to look at continuing professional development of the course.

Students' Comments

"Students CommentsNearing the end of the most exciting, stimulating and encouraging years of my life, I can say that the Allen College is going to stand proud in the world of Classical Homoeopathy and I am privileged to have been a part of its early growth. The course is very professionally run by the most caring and experienced tutors — everyone is aiming for the same goal, to spread the word of homoeopathy as Hahnemann taught, with emphasis upon miasmatic prescribing, led by our dynamic Principal Dr Subrata Banerjea."
Corinne Snowling.

"I feel incredibly fortunate that I chose the Allen College for my inspiring and rewarding journey into Homoeopathy, expertly guided by the most knowledgeable tutors."
Jan Taylor.

"A brilliant and inspiring course which gives you a wonderful background and grounding in miasmatic homoeopathic prescribing, especially with the college clinic reinforcing theory into practice. I feel privileged and very fortunate to have such experienced lecturers and homoeopaths giving constant support and encouragement. I would recommend this course to anyone seriously wishing to practice Classical Homoeopathy at its very best."
Annette Tan.

VenueAllen College

The Allen College is situated in Chelmsford, Essex. It is in an excellent location enjoying direct rail links to Liverpool Street, Central London. The college is based less than a mile from the large town centre with regular bus links to the college. The college building is purpose built and provides all necessary facilities conducive to education. Our classrooms are light and airy with modern teaching aids. Our students have use of a kitchen for tea making and a choice of lunchtime eateries nearby; there is also a patio area used exclusively by our students. There is also a large library and a small bookshop where books can be purchased at discounted prices. There is ample parking nearby although the use of public transport is encouraged.

Contact Us

Allen College of Homoeopathy
Sapiens, 382 Baddow Road
Great Baddow, Chelmsford
Essex, CM2 9RA
Tel: 44 (0) 1245 505858
Tel: 44 (0) 1245 505859
E. Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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