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Your Questions

1. What if I don't live nearby, can I still study with Allen College?

Students have the unique opportunity to join this course, both as an attending student or as e-learning, or a combination of both. The classroom will include students who are able to travel to the venue; we also offer a video link of the live classroom teaching.

By including this e-learning opportunity our students will have the benefit of learning in an international environment with differing cultures and lifestyles which will broaden the experience of learning.

2. How long does the course take to complete?

The undergraduate homeopathy course is a professional three year course. This consists of 10 weekends a year with 7 additional integrated learning days with international students at the Summer School and 4 Winter Seminars each year. Allen College provides clinical training as an integral part of the course. From the very beginning students are exposed to the practical aspects of prescribing and participate in a clinical environment with patients in the Allen Teaching Clinic 6 to 7 days, every year.

3. How much will it cost?

There are three options. Course one, which is three years with approximately total contact time of 186 classroom hours and 36 Clinic hours per academic year costs £2650.00 per year. This is a conventional student group with the traditional diploma awarded.

Course two is the same as above, available as video linked learning direct from the class room, intended for international students and long distance UK students and costs £1950.00 per year. And course three is a combination of course one and two. Two years video linked leaning and the final year classroom attendance. Fees for course three are £1950.00 per year for years one & two, and £2650.00 for year three.

Monthly payment plan options are available. Also you can come and sit-in for a day without any commitments.

4. What support will be available from the college?

We provide comprehensive supervision and tutorials. Our students support each other, they are supported by tutors and mentors and when necessary we do provide one-to-one tuition.

Our group sizes mean we can dedicate a lot of time and support to each student within the class. Each student develops at their own pace and Allen College (College of Homeopathy) embraces this individuality by encouragement.

5. What are the entry requirements?

At the Allen College we offer a remarkable career opportunity for those seeking to work in the health care profession.

We welcome adults of all ages. Prior learning and life experience are considered as well as formal qualifications. It is expected that applicants are good in spoken and written English.

6. What is the assessment procedure?

Assessment throughout the course is continuous and divided into four sections. These are the assessment of assignments, discussion, patient relationship skills and knowledge. Self-assessment, peer assessment and formal tests at the end of each year. The board requires satisfaction that each student continually achieves the required standard in each Assessment.

7. Can I become a registered homoeopath?

The register is a published lists of homoeopaths (or homeopaths) all working within an established code of ethics. Since the college is a recognised leader of homoeopathic education, our diploma given on graduation leads to immediate registration in the U.K. Potential patients seeking a highly trained practitioner in their area often consult this register.

Membership to the Society of Homoeopaths or Homeopathic Medical Association will be offered to our graduates and students and this includes professional insurance. Registration with a professional body after graduation is a natural progression and graduates benefit by such membership.

8. Do you offer advanced training for post graduates?

Allen College of Homoeopathy is offering a well-structured TWO YEAR POST GRADUATE PROGRAMME IN CHELMSFORD under the direct supervision and teaching of Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea, the successful Clinician & internationally respected teacher of Miasms & Comparative Materia Medica.

Video-linked learning direct from the class room (through state of the art technology from Webex.com) for international students and long distance U.K. students is also available.

9. What will be covered in the post graduate course?

This is a two year programme (5 weekends = 10 days in a year) based on a well-structured curriculum developed by Dr Banerjea, a result of his long experience in teaching Homoeopathy. The programme will encompass the Miasmatic Approach of Prescribing, Clinical, Comparative & Therapeutic Materia Medica and guidance to incorporate Hahnemann's Organon and Philosophies in Clinical Prescribing.

The prime emphasis is on Polychrests and Constitutional Prescribing but lesser known organopathic medicines will be discussed extensively.

10. What are the course fees & how can I pay?

PROGRAMME FEES FOR CLASSROOM ATTENDANCE: GBP £850 per year (calculated @ £85 per day of 6 hours teaching) if paid in full, one month before the commencement of the programme. If you pay after this date or prefer instalments, the total cost will be £935 per year which can be paid in equal £315 X 3 instalments, [each to be paid one month prior to first three meetings of each year].

PROGRAMME FEES FOR VIDEO LINK: GBP £650 per year if paid in full, one month before the commencement of the programme. If you pay after this date or prefer instalments, the total cost will be £715 per year which can be paid in equal £240 X 3 instalments, [each to be paid one month prior to first three meetings of each year].

* Fees includes extensive lecture handout in C.D. (at least 60 pages for each 2-day sessions).

  • The participants can Sit-in at the Allen Clinic (Teaching Clinic of Allen College, where one can gain more clinical experience), at a reduced rate of £ 30 only, per Clinic session (appox.10am to 5pm).

Any Homoeopathic diplomate or graduate can attend any of the session as individual modules. Cost ₤ 200 for two days for class room and £150 for video-link participation.

The course fees are reviewed once a year, generally in January. Fees subject to change without notice.